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Another Tourney Win for the U18


Motivated Parents + Starting Young + Precise Technique + Toughness = TALENT

The bottom line is YOU have to practice or train technique often and deliberately in order to build Myelin (muscle memory). A lot of kids today say they love baseball, but in reality they don't have the burning desire to get better. Disappointment is near. Kids fall short of their goals or dreams... AND parents do not understand how it all works - generally speaking. The parent is EVERYTHING in the equation. You MUST have motivated parents!!

Text Scott TODAY for a free consultation - 425.422.1769. You can train like an Olympian or the typical high school player - up to you! Scott understands how to train. If nothing else... it would be very educational and enlightening. It's FREE!


9U and 12U 
August 17th - 6pm
August 24th - 6pm

13U and 14U 
August 18th - 6pm
August 25th - 6pm

18U, 16U and 15U 
August 19th - 6pm
August 26th - 6pm

If one of the above times doesn't work, please text Coach Watson for a private tryout - 425 - 422-1769. You may also attend any tryout regardless of age.  

All tryouts for the Seattle Wave select teams are done at the Washington Baseball Instruction training facility - 2027 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036.


Check out Wave's Alumni since our first season in 2001. We have sent more players on to collegiate and professional baseball then any other program in Washingtion State!

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