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WBI Sports (aka The Jungle) is home of the Seattle Wave. It's located at 2027 196th Street SW, STE A-103, Lynnwood, WA 98036. 


WBI is incredibly organized, well equipped, and very clean. Our facility includes, but not limited to: 2 brand new full length 70' cages, 2 brand new Hack Attack machines, 2 brand new Atec Rookie machines, new screens throughout, a sound system, pitching mounds, video analysis, and much more. We also added a professional free standing squat rack / cage with deadlifting stations, pull-up bars, rings, benches, free weights, and more! We also have a parking lot out back that has many purposes such as: skill work, tractor tire flipping, base running, more. We often take our defensive machines out back for infield / outfield work. WBI (The Jungle) is a baseball mentorship / compound. 

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