Northwest’s Premier Fall Instructional Baseball Program / 2022


On a scale of 1 to 10, is your commitment and love for the game a seven or higher? If so, then keep reading. Are you tired of the same old, casual, meaningless fall ball games? Do you desire results and want to be challenged mentally and physically?  


If yes, then you’ve found the right program. Our fall ball program is a time to work on YOU! We are seeking serious ballers (ages 8u to 18u). Our program has been time tested and proven for 20 plus years.  You will achieve the results you’re seeking if you are a learner and willing to work hard.  


Weekly Focus:

Hitting Mechanics / Bat Speed Enhancement

Pitching and Throwing Mechanics

Mental Side of Hitting and Pitching

Arm Health and Velocity Enhancement

Building a Bigger Motor (aka baseball conditioning)

Importance of Nutrition, Visualization, Breathing  


Ages: 8u - 9u 

9/8 - 10/9

Thr 6 to 8 and Sun 1 to 3



Ages: 10u - 13u

9/6 to 10/9

Tue 6 to 8 and Sun 3 to 5



Ages: 14u to 18u

9/7 to 10/8

Wed 6 to 8 and Sat  3 to 5


To sign up, visit www.wbisports.net

Thank you, 

Coach W