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Hi, my name is Scott Watson.

It is a privilege to tell you about myself and the Seattle Wave program. I am the 18u head coach and have been since inception in 2001. I've head coached over 1,800 baseball games including 18 years of high school and college baseball combined.


My Edmonds Community College team won the NWAC championship in 2008 while I was serving as the pitching coach. I am a full time entrepreneur and coach which means I have a lot of skin in the game. I love what I do! As a result, relationship building, attention to detail, and providing good service is important to me. 

seattle wave
Coach Watson

I am not just a baseball guy and academy owner, I am a loving father as well. I have two wonderful children - Matthew and Zach. Matthew graduated from Cal Berkeley in 2018 with a degree in Economics. Zach is a 2023 graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Informatics. I am very blessed!


They both grew up playing in the Wave system. It is very much just that - a system - a curriculum of mind and body. Although my kids didn't play beyond high school, baseball had an impact on their success.  

14u warm ups matthew.jpeg

Among other things, it taught them about discipline, perseverance, and grit. Both received academic scholarships from two highly regarded universities. I often refer to the Seattle Wave program as a baseball mentorship. It was for my children and for that I am so proud!

This year Seattle Wave Baseball will be celebrating 25 years of baseball and mentoring. We are based out of Lynnwood, WA. Each year we roster teams ranging from 8u to 19u. Teams participate in a league as well as attending various tournaments. This is preceded by a thorough and rigorous, yet fun winter training program - best in the area!

Besides experience and service, our winter training program is why families choose the Wave. It doesn't disappoint. We strongly believe in culture, technique, health, baseball intelligence, and individuality. We take a great deal of pride in teaching the mental side of the game! Our curriculum is supported by the same methods and training techniques that have been time tested in college and professional baseball.

The Seattle Wave Baseball program has graduated many players to the college and professional ranks. We attract self motivated student athletes that possess a desire to learn and play at a high level. The Wave is committed to youth baseball and continuously seeks improvement. 


You can find more information by visiting our Program page. 

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