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Here are some quick facts about the program. Please note that much more detailed information will be covered at tryouts and in the recruiting process. We'll begin each tryout with a parent / player meeting. 


Founder and Owner, Scott Watson

I have been the 18u head coach since inception in 2001. I oversee everything to ensure quality and consistency throughout. We are a curriculum based program and not a collection of teams. I am in the trenches during the winter training period and frequent games at all ages. Please visit the About page for more information.  



This year we are celebrating 25 years of excellence in mentoring and baseball. We've had 12 players drafted and helped countless kids reach the college ranks. Our program is rich in tradition. We offer a great deal of experience and although we are not perfect, we take pride in providing excellent training service. 



I've been a head coach for 26 years and have coached over 1,800 baseball games. I have formulated many philosophies that will be shared at tryouts and during the recruiting process. I consider this to be proprietary information as our program is well designed and we simply want to protect our curriculum. We strongly believe in the term student athlete and not just athlete. Our morals are centered around Respect, Humility, and Discipline.


  • Private Tryouts take place year round 

  • Formal Tryouts - June to mid August - visit our Tryouts page  

  • Optional Fall Ball Program - visit our Fall Ball page

  • Orientation - takes place after all teams are set

  • Winter Training Program - begins mid October / ends late Feb

  • High school players will focus on HS baseball at this time 

  • Spring Training - early March to mid April / for non HS players 


Games for non HS players begin mid April and end late July. Games for HS players begin after high school ball and ends late July. Younger players that dual roster on a Wave team and little league have a different game schedule, but participate in the same winter training program as everyone else.  



WBI Sports (The Jungle) is home of the Seattle Wave. It's located at 2027 196th Street SW, STE A-103, Lynnwood, WA 98036. WBI is incredibly organized, well equipped, and distinctively clean. Our facility includes, but not limited to: 3 brand new full length 70' cages, 3 brand new Hack Attack machines, 2 brand new Atec Rookie machines, new screens throughout, a sound system, pitching mounds, video analysis, and much more. We also added a professional free standing squat rack / cage with deadlifting stations, pull-up bars, rings, benches, free weights, and more! We also have a parking lot out back that has many purposes such as: skill work, tractor tire flipping, base running, more. We often take our defensive machines out back for infield / outfield work. WBI (The Jungle) is a baseball mentorship compound. Visit our Facility page for more information.   


Winter Training Program

We believe our winter training program is the benchmark in in the Pacific Northwest. We've developed a very precise curriculum over the years. I give a lot of credit to my mentors - Ken Knutson (current NY Mets Throwing Coordinator, former Head Coach at UW, and former Pitching Coach at ASU), Joe Ross (current Area Supervisor Scout for the Kansas City Royals, former PAC 12 coach for 20 plus years), Ron Wolforth (Texas Baseball Ranch, seen on 60 Minutes, ESPN, and more), and many others! We'd not be where we are today without these great baseball minds.  

Our model encompasses the following, but not limited to - a defined hitting program, an extensive throwing program (not just for pitchers), arm care protocol, a strength training program, and position skill development. We also focus heavily on mindset (the brain) and nutrition. There are many facets to our overall curriculum, and like our philosophies, we consider it proprietary information. Therefore, we will reveal much of it at tryouts and during the recruiting process. Winter training is thorough and rigorous, but fun. I think you'll find our winter training program to be the most comprehensive one out there.


We currently have 9 clubs and 20 paid coaches. Our coaches are also the instructors at WBI. Many of our coaches played for the Wave and are now much older. All of our coaches have high school, college, and/or professional experience. Everyone is consistent and teaches from the same defined curriculum regardless of age. We have coaches meetings throughout the year to ensure consistency. Our staff is firm, but fair. We are very professional and lead by example. Everyone understands the culture and delivers synergy throughout. We truly have the best staff around. Please visit out Coaches page for more information. 


Uniforms and Apparel

We take a tremendous amount of pride in appearance. Each player will receive the following as part of their fees, but not limited to: caps, a helmet, a hoody and/or warm fleece, dri fit training tops, t-shirts, jerseys, training shorts, baseball pants, socks/belts, and a bat bag. All items are new and professionally designed. Parents will have the opportunity to order spirit wear. 


College Promotion

Over the years, we have have built solid rapport with many college coaches and programs. Promoting kids to the next level is not new to us. That said, kids have to do the work. There are no handouts. Please visit out College page for more information.



We currently play in the Seattle Elite League. 



We play 7 to 10 tournaments depending on age.



Travel is not included in the team fees. We act as the travel agent (very organized).


We do not fundraise at this time.  



We are very transparent with our fee. We keep it real simple. Fees are discussed at tryouts. 

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