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Train Like a Wave

Come join the best training program in the northwest

Strive For Excellence

Our mission is simple: Provide the highest level of personal development for our student athletes. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and instruct to maximize personal and athletic potential.

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The Experience

Train like an Olympian

“Scott Watson is using the most desired throwing and pitcher's training curriculum in baseball.  This program has been used in Elite D-1 baseball programs and professional baseball."  

- Ken Knutson, Cleveland Indians - Throwing Coordinator, Present
Director - AZ Baseball Ranch, Present (former ASU Pitching Coach and UW Head Coach)

“Scott Watson has been at the forefront of the latest pitching methods and training techniques for a long time now.”

- Gregg Swenson, University of Portland

"I went from being an average JV pitcher to an All-State pitcher as a Senior, a Division I All-American at the University of Portland, and being drafted in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft."

- Chris Dennis, Colorado Rockies

"Coach Scott Watson's program and his understanding of proper pitching mechanics helped me earn a D-I scholarship to Gonzaga University and later on get drafted by the Seattle Mariners."

- Aaron Brooks, Seattle Mariners

"WAVE and WBI have been exceptional.  By far the best value of any training around, from hitting to pitching...the staff is professional and Scott Watson does a great job connecting with the players."

- John W.

"If your athlete is serious about improving as a player and a teammate then they should seriously consider WAVE and WBI...the entire coaching staff are top notch in our book!"  

- John C.

"WAVE and WBI provide top notch training. There is no better place for your baseball athlete to develop and train to reach his/her dreams. Highly recommended!"  

- Ashly Y.

"My son joined Wave after bring frustrated by the lack of organization and coaching at another prominent Seattle area team.  He has gained discipline and a strong work ethic and understands how these traits contribute to long term success."  

- Duane D.

"We are grateful we found a program that invests in each individual, and one that is interested in not only developing strong baseball players, but also strong, responsible, individuals."  

- Laurie M.

"After WBI, he is a completely different player.  I want to thank you not only for the skills he learned at your facility, but the huge boost of confidence that has overtaken him in every area of his life."  

- Amy A.

"For the past three years my thirteen-year old son has participated in the Wave and WBI program.  He has made amazing progress in both his velocity and his consistency."  

- Shawn B.

"Coach Scott Watson teaches the right mechanics of throwing/pitching, and puts emphasis on keeping the arm strong and healthy while preventing injury through proper mechanics and arm care."  

- John W.

"My son has been playing baseball and training in the WAVE program for just about a year.  His arm strength, hitting, and fielding have all improved dramatically.  WAVE also incorporates a fitness component that is not the norm in club baseball."  

- Colin R. 

"If your athlete is serious about improving as a player and a teammate then they should seriously consider WBI.  The experience has been very positive from both a physical and personal level."

- John C.  

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about what they do and truly care about the players."

- Chris C.